Our Beliefs


Woodhill Evangelical Church affirms the historic truths of the Christian faith.

We focus especially on where reliable answers to life's questions may be found - the particular questions of man's ultimate purpose, destiny and universal failure to achieve God's perfect standard, the basis for individual forgiveness and for everyday Christian living.

Thus we recognise a number of truths that are enshrined in the Church's constitution:

- the authority of the Bible;
- the historic doctrine of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
- the true deity and manhood of Jesus Christ, God's Son;
- the sufficiency of his atoning death;
- his resurrection, ascension and future personal return;
- the need for individual faith in Jesus Christ and of life lived based on his teaching;
- the prospect of the final judgement.

In our Church life, as well as in our individual lives, we aim to live out these convictions. We do this by practising the privilege of worship, recognising the sanctity of each human life and the fundamental equality of each member of Christ's church.

We seek to enter into the joys and duties of Christian discipleship, including sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, caring for one another and observing the practices of believer's baptism and regular communion.