Child Protection

We take our responsibilities for the care and protection of the children and young people who come to our activities very seriously. A summary of our Child Protection Policy is reproduced below.

Protection of Children and Young People

As part of its mission and ministry, Woodhill Evangelical Church recognises that its work with children and young people is the responsibility of the whole Church and it is committed to:

- Ensuring that all children and young people have the opportunity to grow up safe from harm;
- Listening to, valuing and relating effectively to children and young people;
- Ensuringt hose working with childrenand young people are properly supported and trained;
- Encouraging and supporting parents and guardians.

Key policy measures adopted

Provision of appropriate protection for children and young people by ensuring that all personnel involved in working with children or young people are assessed as to their suitability.

Those assessed as unsuitable to work with children or young people will not be appointed by the Church.

The implementation of specific child protection procedures and the provision of guidance for Children’s/Youth Workers to ensure the health and well being of all young people in the care of the Church.

Appointment of a Child Protection Team.

Recognition of the right of all children and young people to confidentiality.

The confidential handling of information regarding the children and young people participating in the various church ministries, to prevent inappropriate disclosure.

Subject to the requirements of the legal authorities, confidential handling of information that comes to the knowledge of Children’s/Youth Workers regarding any child or young person or their families.

Health and Safety measures adopted

Applicable to the ministries for children and young people, including:

- Activities which take place in the church building;
- Events, day trips and residential work;
- Transport arrangements supporting all events, trips and residential work;
- Provision of information to parents/guardians;
- Permission of parents/guardians for participatione in church activities and programmes;
- Permission of parents/guardians for emergency treatment to be given where appropriate;
- The safe handling and storage of personal data.


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