The Week

The Services and Activities that make up our regular weekly programme are listed below and you can use the links to find out more about each of them.  You will be most welcome at any of these.

Details of events which are run by the Church from time to time can be found under the Events tab. 

Remember also to visit The Hub cafe any weekday between 9:00am and 3:30pm and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Note that the programme below may be different during the Summer months and other holiday periods - please contact us for details.

Day Start Time Details
Sunday 9:45am

Worship with communion (except first Sunday of month)


Take 30 Prayer time until 10:45am (First Sunday of month only)


Take Ten prayer time until 10:50 (except first Sunday of month)

  11:00am Family Service with Creche, LaunchPad and Sunbeams
(including communion on 1st Sunday of month)
  7:00pm [email protected] 
  8:00pm Youth Fellowship
Monday 10:00am Little Rainbows and Stepping Stones
Tuesday 10:00am Little Rainbows
Wednesday 10:00am Little Rainbows
  10:15am Ladies Bible Study
  10:30am Lunch Club
  7:45pm Life Groups
Thursday 10:00am Little Rainbows
  6:45pm The Ark
  8:15pm RSVP
Saturday 8:30am Prayer Breakfast (1st Saturday of month)